After my treatment with the Energy Enhancement System (EES)  I felt rejuvenated, strong, steady and less anxious or worried.  A few days after that I could feel greater clarity in my mind and additional strength in my lungs, arms, back and legs. And an all around sense of a little bit more peaceful about everything.  I had a bad case of pneumonia previously and felt I had never fully recovered until now.

I found out about Healing Frequencies of Energy and Ken Coppersmith because I was interested in scalar technology for healing, having done a bit of amateur research into Dr. Sandra Rose Michael and Jason Shurka.   The scalar waves have been known to scientists for a long while but are just now beginning to be used for healing.   And the good news is, this technology is in the hands of the right people.

What I didn’t realize is how peaceful, and calm and just better I felt after my treatment.  And, I was really happy to find Ken practically in my own neighborhood.  I live in Howard County and Healing Frequencies of Energy is located in Westminster, Carroll County less than a 30 minute drive.  I had been looking into going to another state to get the treatment!

I can’t wait for my next appointment.

Amy B., Woodbine, MD

Ken, thank you for the help you have given me with the pain I had in my knees. Since you have treated me with the red light laser, my right knee is 100% better and my left knee is 85% better.

I no longer have constant pain, and I now am able to get up and down the stairs without any pain.

That is such a blessing. The combination of the red light laser therapy and using the LifeWave patches had made it possible for me to do the things I couldn’t do for so many years now.

I look forward to continuing treating my left knee till I am 100%.

Kay B.

Back in 2015, I came to the realization that I was having issues with being able to hear conversations with my family. I went to an ear doctor and was told I had hearing loss in both ears and I now needed to get hearing aids. I have been wearing hearing aids for over 7 years. Last year, I came across an interview with Jason Shurka and Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, discussing her Energy Enhancement System.

I was waiting for a center to open up near my home, so I could try it out for myself. Through unifyd healing I was able to find that Healing Frequencies Of Energy had gotten the EESystem. I scheduled my first 2 hour session on 11-2-2023. Later that evening as I was getting ready to do my detox bath, I noticed that after taking out my hearing aids I was able to hear the television clearly in the other room.

I haven’t been able to hear clearly for 7 yrs., I no longer have to wear hearing aids. This has been such a blessing, and I am continuing my sessions and now noticing improvements with other health issues. I am grateful that Ken acquired the EESystem, and I am continuing my healing journey.

Julie M.

“Healing Frequencies of Energy” and its owner, Ken, have proven to be a beacon of warmth and support in my journey to address my dad’s glaucoma. Ken’s graciousness, hospitality, and welcoming demeanor create an atmosphere that is unparalleled in my experiences. His unique qualities make him a truly special person, and the positivity he radiates goes beyond the ordinary. In a world where such angels are rare to find, Ken absolutely stands out! 🌟

I can confidently say that my time at the center has been the best in my quest for my Dads healing. Mr. Ken and the overall environment at the center make it a space of healing for energies that may be difficult to comprehend. I wholeheartedly recommend supporting this center for anyone seeking a place of genuine care and understanding in their journey to well-being.

Kaili N.

The wellness center was very user friendly, wide parking spaces, close walking distance and comfortable waiting room.

I am 89 years old with severe arthritis in my hands and wrist. Ken took the time to explain the red light laser therapy leaving me feeling confident and stress free. I have received several treatments and have experienced significant relief allowing me to enjoy more things I was use to doing before my pain was unbearable.

Marie W.

I have been a client of the wellness center for sometime. Ken is very knowledgeable, caring and personable. He is always

Open to any questions you may have and takes time to explain the treatment he feels will improve your issues. He suggested the

red light laser therapy for my issue presently. I had relief from my pain after the first visit and I am continuing to improve with each treatment. I highly recommend this wellness center for a natural, holistic approach to pain relief.

Sandra B.

I have had RA for several years with the common issue of terrible joint pain and struggling to make myself “get up and move”. Many days mobility was a serious issue and I do not like to be medicated to reduce pain.

I heard about Healing Frequencies Of Energy, and treatments to help with arthritis. I had my consultation with Ken and we set up a treatment plan.

I received my first treatment over a year ago and what a difference. After only a few treatments my mobility improved and now, I can actually walk most days without the assistance of a rollator or even a cane. My pain level went from a constant 6-8 to now most days 2-4. I still have the occasional “bad” day but my mobility and strength have improved greatly.

I feel that if I maintain a consistent treatment schedule the benefit of pain reduction leading to increased mobility and activity will give me a much improved quality of life.

What a blessing to have found Ken and this healing treatment.

Juanita S.

I highly recommend Ken for Reiki treatments. He is passionate about his work, and it comes through the energy. I get emotional during the session from all the energy coming in, unblocking, releasing stress, and bringing my body back into balance. I feel very relaxed afterwards. I sent my father to him who suffered from anxiety which interfered with his sleep. It helped calm his mind, and he sleeps better now.
Try it and see for yourself!

Karen C.

I started using the infrared mat several months ago as one of my treatments and was amazed at the results. Many years ago, I experienced severe bruising on my right leg which never went away. A few days later after treatment I was applying lotion on my legs and noticed that the bruising was completely gone. The only explanation was the infrared mat somehow took care of the bruising that I have lived with for decades. And talk about a good night’s sleep, I slept like a baby and felt so refreshed the next day, I wished I could use it every night. I was also having neck issues and asked the practitioner if he could relieve the muscle pain. He used a device called MiHealth which provided me with a good deal of relief. One other thing. If you want to experience a stress-free, relaxing and peaceful hour, you won’t be disappointed with the infrared mat.

Wanda M.

My son got a really bad case of Psoriasis, his skin was covered in sores to a point were they would bleed. He often complained about the inching and how painful it was. The medications and skin care products that the doctor prescribed did very little to help, I was looking for help and found it with NES Infoceuticals. We had a consultation and after two months of treatments we have seen a tremendous improvement. I highly recommend the NES Health approach and the Infoceuticals, I will continue to use them for my son and will recommend Healing Frequencies Of Energy to my family and friends.

Ashley S.

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