Benefits of Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Benefits of Near-Infrared Light Therapy

Near Infrared Therapy is a vital component of a healthy body. Our bodies need light to function optimally. That light can be either from natural or artificial sources, but our bodies must be exposed to it to remain healthy. Light therapy is nothing new. It has been around for thousands of years.

Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, and Incas used natural sunlight to treat various diseases. Today, for one example, we have saunas that use light therapy to harness the therapeutic power of light. Let’s look at some of the benefits of Near Infrared Light Therapy.

How it Works

Near-infrared therapy causes an increase in cell metabolism and protein synthesis. This process, in turn, decreases inflammation and pain while simultaneously stimulating the cells’ growth and regeneration. By incorporating near-infrared light, oxygen-rich blood can circulate more effectively and help regulate pain and inflammation. Near infrared therapy is so effective because it can easily penetrate the skin much more deeply to help aid in the process.

Near-infrared therapy can benefit various illnesses, including dementia, osteoarthritis, hair loss, dental pain, tendinitis, and wrinkles. Let’s explore a few in more detail.

Reduce Wrinkles and Soften Skin

In a 2013 study, Alexander Wunsch and Karsten Matuschka discovered that near-infrared therapy could reduce wrinkles, facial lines, and skin roughness. It can also improve skin tone by supplying polychromatic, non-thermal photobiomodulation (PBM), a key component for improvement in skin tone and overall appearance.

Heals Deep Wounds

One of the properties of NIR is that it activates color-sensitive chemicals in our body’s tissues. This, in turn, helps stimulate the process in the mitochondria. The result is that tissues and deep wounds heal rapidly.

Counteracts Harmful Light

We are continually exposed to various forms of artificial light in our everyday lives. This can come from laptops, smartphones, TVs, and even the lighting inside your favorite stores to shop. These unnatural sources of light produce HUGE amounts of blue light that is harmful to your body. Near-infrared light – a natural light – counteracts the detrimental affects of the blue light our body’s are exposed to.

Helps with Chronic Pain

Both red light and NIR light therapy can help manage various chronic pain areas, such as in the neck or knees. It also is beneficial in relieving fibromyalgia and other forms of chronic pain.

Recovery from Neurological Injury

Theodore Henderson conducted a study in 2016 on multi-watt NIR therapy, and it’s use for treating traumatic brain injuries. His study showed that red or near-infrared light has beneficial results when treating neurological conditions. Multi-watt NIR laser therapy was found to produce enough energy that it yielded positive effects on the injured area of the brain.

If you would like to explore how near infrared therapy can benefit you, contact me to learn more, and let’s start your healing journey!